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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Increase Happiness

Store Memories, Joy, Happiness, and Love


Got Joy?

Right now, you might be seeking more light in your life. You have been so stressed meeting deadlines and working, maybe the Holidays have crept up on you.  You thought after that last promotion, you would feel better, but all you have is more anxiety and worry to get things done. Maybe you thought you would finally take that vacation, but that still hasn’t happened. You work your days, weeks, and years away without really appreciating all you have in your life. It is time to make a change. It is time to recognize the greatness you have in your life…recognize the positivity you have around you. It is time to practice gratitude with intention. I can personally attest to how wonderful a gratitude practice can be.

Creating a Gratitude Practice

Like many high performing professionals, you probably don’t make the time to appreciate the amazing things you receive in this life. You let them slip by, slip out of your memory, or sit out of sight somewhere…or maybe even under your bed. That isn’t doing you any good. Each week, you should set aside time to reflect but you sometimes need a pick-me-up. It is a great thing, having a place where you can put all the reminders that bring a smile to your face or remind you of the good things in your life.

You can determine the type of gratitude box or jar you will use regularly. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but I know pretty things make you happy, so make it gorgeous!  Make it your favorite colors, put a happy picture, colorful bow or put a positive scripture or quote on it. Make your gratitude box or jar into something you will smile at when you see it…having it draw your attention when you walk into the room. Make your gratitude box big enough that you can add momentos, cards, and other beautiful things to it all year.

Box of Positivity, Memories, and More

What are you going to put into your gratitude box? It can be anything from a small stone you found that reminds you of a vacation you took as a child or something bigger like an invitation to a reception or play. If you get a lovely card for your birthday from a client or co-worker with some kind words, store it in your gratitude box. Maybe you have an old handkerchief from your grandfather that reminds you of him…store it in your gratitude box. Keep all the pretty things, gifts, cards, joyful reminders, letters, and other momentos in this space. Maybe you have a certificate from a course you passed when you first started your career…add it in or hang it up. Whether it is a jar, box or space in your office, capture those memories.  What’s important is that you practice gratitude to keep happiness at the forefront!

Being Grateful All the Time

When you are working hard and constantly on the go, it can be tough to remain optimistic. The truth is…not many people make the time to be grateful very often. Don’t let that be the case for you any more. It is time to create more positivity and happiness in your life versus waiting for happiness to strike you like a bolt of lightning. Maybe you are lacking confidence and that could be because you don’t appreciate the things that come into your life or that you do for yourself.

If you want to remember all the good things, all the memories…whether you are having a bad day or you just want to feel happy…you can pull out your gratitude box. You can look at all the beautiful things, blessings, and memories you have put inside. We can all be so gloomy and sad, but most of the time, it really isn’t that serious. You can turn it all around. If you want to uplift your spirit and your passion, the gratitude box is the quickest  way you can do that. If you have this box nearby, you can feel better at any time. Try it, you will love it.

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Let me know what your gratitude box looks like, let me know what you keep inside. Share with me how your gratitude box makes you feel.

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