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Your Legacy Game Plan

Meet Dr. Toni

Dr. Toni A. Haley (a.k.a. Dr. Toni MD) is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, wife, and executive career coach for high-performing women. Dr. Toni can write your prescription for achieving your lifelong goals. She provides the qualified, time-tested coaching you need to obtain the perfect work-life balance most executive level professionals seek.

She is also the founder and CEO of Williams Wellness Group. Dr. Haley brings 25 years of insight to the table, with experience in finance, healthcare, and wellness. Her proven strategies have helped hundreds of women break through personal and professional barriers, such as Perfectionism, the Martyr Complex, and Imposter Syndrome. As a best-selling author, speaker, consultant, physician, and media personality, Dr. Toni is well qualified to guide high performers to reach their personal and professional potential.

With her credentials, down-to-earth approach and charisma, it is no wonder that she is recognized as “America’s Lifestyle Coach!”

Soar to Excellence™ Assessment

Once only open to physicians, Dr. Toni has expanded her lifestyle coaching to other high-achieving professionals.

Dr. Toni personally understands how the pressures of your current obligations can make you feel stuck or block your progress. Take advantage of the Soar to Excellence™ Assessment to get in position to build your true legacy.

“Dr. Toni is phenomenal. I took her Mindset Mastery Program which helped me pass Boards, find new employment and navigate the trials of life with applied wisdom and a renewed mind. I would highly recommend her course to anyone struggling to live their best life.”

Dr. Aris A.


“Dr. Toni’s coaching has been invaluable…With her help, I’ve found the courage to make changes that I never thought were possible. I highly recommend Dr. Toni. She loves what she does and her passion is readily evident. I finally feel Joy!”

Dr. Tedra G.


“Dr.Toni…is truly gifted in knowing how to guide working physicians to reach their higher potential. She has worked with many health professionals and helped them achieve career and life milestones such as passing crucial board examinations, contract negotiations, and career advancement.”

Dr. Robyn I.


“Working with Dr. Toni has been a wonderful experience! Through coaching, she has given me invaluable guidance and tools to assist with my career. As a coach, she has expertise regarding helping others set specific goals, clarify purpose and prioritize tasks with the ultimate goal of success!”

Dr. Breyanna G.


“Dr. Toni is amazing and I have wasted no time in telling my professional colleagues about her, her services, and how she has impacted my life. In my professional opinion, everyone needs and can benefit from having a Dr. Toni in their life!”

Dr. Lauren P.

Family Medicine Physician

“Dr. Toni did many things superbly! She helped me through a time where I was particularly low…She made me feel as if my success was her Success! Ultimately, she was vital to my progress forward and I will be forever grateful!”

Dr. Angela B.

Internal Medicine


Reprogram Your Mindset: 100 Winning Quotes and Affirmations for High Performers

You have worked hard your entire life. You excelled in school, received numerous accolades and built a stellar career. You are the definition of a high performer. So why aren’t you happy? Why doesn’t it feel like you are “Winning” at life?

In the #1 Bestseller Reprogram Your Mindset: 100 Winning Quotes and Affirmations for High Performers, Dr. Toni A. Haley teaches you how to WIN. Her personal story of overcoming fear, self neglect, relationship challenges, financial setbacks to living her dreams will inspire you to envision your ideal life. This book gives you the tools to find your path, gain more confidence, and conquer hurdles and temporary setbacks…

It is time to prioritize yourself and start WINNING BIG!



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