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How to Improve Your Thanksgiving Instantly

Eliminate the Stress, Enjoy Your Time Off, and Take Control

How about you say YES to yourself this year?  You’re a high performer, working late, pleasing others and you finally get a few days off.  Maybe you can’t even remember when the last time you were supposed to have time off. You were probably working from home, because you didn’t know how to give yourself a break. With the holidays coming around, you don’t need to take a backseat in your life. Holidays don’t have to be dreaded and stressful anymore. You can eliminate the stress, enjoy your time off, and take control!

Why You Always Gave In to The Demands

Have you heard your co-workers say that you should be the one working on the holidays because you never seem to have big plans? Do they think that because you are a workaholic? Single? No kids? Or is it because you never commit to half the invitations you receive? Honestly, they may have a point, but why should you be stuck at work?! Don’t let that trickery work or guilt get in the way this year or ever again. You have earned a much-needed vacation, just like the rest of them.

Have you spent all your time during previous holidays with your family? You heard them saying, “You never see us or come visit” or “You are always working and don’t make time for us”. Ugh, am I right? Just because you take time off from work, doesn’t mean you want to spend all your vacation with family. You love them…but you need time to yourself, too.

You are used to the demands being placed on you. This is the life you wanted…to be in charge, have more leadership and responsibility. You just didn’t know you would have everyone needing you to do something and it no longer feels good to be stuck saving adults. That doesn’t have to be your life. You work hard and deserve a break.

What Are You Going to Do About It?

For every hour you work over 40, you should plan to rejuvenate with something just for you. Now is the time for you to stand up for yourself. Other people, no not even your family, don’t get to determine how you spend your time. If you want to feel at peace, be happy, and have more joy around the holidays, you need to do something to make that happen. Perhaps you need to make a new tradition: concert, a getaway, tropical destination or a brand new adventure (like Thailand, Maldives or Capetown). Even if it’s just a glass of wine and a favorite movie, it may be necessary to get you back to being productive, creative, and ready to solve the world’s problems afterwards.

Doing the same thing time and time again and expecting different results, it is just insanity, right? Yes.

It is time for you to do something new. If you love to cook, create that new recipe you have been dying to make. If you love new food, hire a chef to make you a professionally-prepared holiday meal. You could invite your family over for a few hours…MAX...and let them enjoy the meal with you.

Limit the amount of time you spend catering to others because it is a vacation and can start to feel like work. Maybe you dreaded taking vacations before because you knew your mom would be on your case the entire time about finding a man….or giving her grandchildren. Don’t let that fear rule your life. You can decide the specific days or even exact times that you will spend with your family. It is your vacation, not theirs. You deserve time alone to rest, refresh, and recuperate.

You set the tone of your life, your vacation.

You are not helpless, so get to setting some limits. This includes how much you eat and drink during this emotional time of year! Empowerment comes from taking control and that is exactly what you are going to do, starting today! Let me know what you did this year for the holiday, to take life by the horns, and make time for yourself.

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