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Posts by Dr. Toni A. Haley

3 Things I learned from my TEDx Experience

So you want to do a TEDx? We all are unique and if you are reading this, you are used to being top of the class. You are striving for more and are often called upon to lead others. In any case, you have something to say and you want it to reach more people,…

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Facing Infertility: the sooner the better.

Infertility Awareness Many people will feel a deep desire to conceive a child at some point in their life.  While a majority of couples will achieve this goal within a year of trying, about 10% of women ages 15-44 in the United States will have difficulty getting, or staying, pregnant according to the Centers for…

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What is a Martyr Mindset and How is it Affecting You

What is Martyr Mindset™?  You are the one to call and everyone comes to you. Whether it is at work, your favorite nonprofit, or your family, they all depend on you…and you used to enjoy doing it all. You are on every committee and when it’s time to delegate, you’re the best person for the…

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The 2020 State of the Women

March 31, 2020 marked the last day of Women’s History Month and this year, it was also Equal Pay Day, so it is a good time to reflect and take stock. Instead of focusing on just equal pay, I decided to talk about the state of the women in 2020. Collectively, women have come a…

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