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How to Practice More Self Care

Why I Celebrate Life During Restaurant Week

Recently, I was excited to celebrate my birthday by indulging with some great food and spending quality time with my husband. As I plan my weekly schedule, I was reminded of how important it is to pause and enjoy life outside of work, and plenty of other women need to hear this reminder as well. Personally, I’ve been enjoying delicious meals during Restaurant Week each year, which is in full swing in several major cities around the country during January each year. As we roll into a new decade I believe this event could be the perfect way for you to take a break from your non-stop schedule, relax, and enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. Go with your beau, a friend or alone, but take full advantage of this window of sunshine in the middle of the winter! But why wait til then? 

Let’s have a chat about self care.

Remember the Benefits of Self-Care

If you’re hesitant about putting your work on hold to celebrate life, or if you feel overwhelmed with things on your to-do list, remember that you can’t put in your best work if you’re feeling tired or run-down. Taking an evening off to put yourself out there, try some new food, and spend time with your loved ones can help you relax and de-stress after countless days of hard work.

Whether you have a man or you’re looking for the perfect guy, you deserve to have a fun night out! Most importantly, after allowing yourself a break from work, you’ll likely wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and motivated to put in your best effort.

Find Local Deals in Your Area

Restaurant Week is a fantastic event that allows you to get discounted lunches and dinners from some of the best restaurants around the country. You can indulge in an afternoon lunch for around $20-$25, while fancy, multi-course dinners may be only $20-$50. When you consider what you usually spend, it’s a great value.

January is the most common month for restaurants to partake in Restaurant Week, so you can take advantage of these deals in cities including Baltimore, Charleston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and several others across the nation. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available!

Although I was able to celebrate Restaurant Week in my home state of South Carolina, the dates for Restaurant Week varies in different states and cities. Check here to find out when major restaurants near you are going to be participating in this event, and to schedule any other fun activities you can do before or after your meal. If you’ve ever wanted to try the fine dining in a city near you but found yourself unmotivated to get out in the cold, here’s your chance to experience it all guilt-free.

Have a “Staycation”

Having a “staycation” during Restaurant Week can be a fun and cost-effective way to spend a weekend dedicated to relaxation and self-care. You can spend the morning sleeping in, catching up on that novel you haven’t read in a while, or simply lounging on the couch in your comfiest pajamas. After a good workout, head to a local restaurant for a delicious lunch and lively conversation with your friends. Then, choose a different restaurant to have dinner at later. Foodie heaven, right?

Another idea for a “staycation” would be to stay at a hotel within walking distance from several participating restaurants. You could enjoy the luxury of not having to clean your home while spending time with your friends or significant other. Best of all, even being a few miles from home will remind you that this weekend is about focusing on yourself, not on your work.

Book your first holiday of the next decade right now and give yourself some self-care to look forward to!

Ideas for Self-Care Activities

When you’re not enjoying the amazing deals on fine dining, there are plenty of other fun ways you can spend your time on your staycation! Whether you’re choosing to stay at your own house or traveling to a nearby getaway, here are some ideas that can help you have a relaxing weekend while celebrating life

  • Sleep! Don’t set an alarm in the morning and allow yourself to wake up naturally. You might be surprised about how much better you’ll feel after this.
  • Have a spa day. You can visit a local spa, or you can create your own at home by making a homemade face mask, painting your nails,taking a hot bath, or other simple things that relax you and lift your spirits.
  • Have a movie night. Invite your beau or close friend over to watch one of your favorite films, or go out to a theater after dinner one night.
  • Explore your city like a tourist. Even if you know your town like the back of your hand, pretending you’re a tourist for a day can be a lot of fun. Visiting small shops you’ve never been in before or hanging out in the local coffee shop for a few hours can help you meet new people while gaining a new perspective on your city.

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