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Creating your Legacy Game Plan

without sacrificing your sanity, relationships or health

For successful professional women wondering—when will it be my turn?

I know what it's like to be frustrated with being surrounded by the wrong people and opportunities. You work hard, but your List of 'Things to Do' keeps growing out of control.

It's time to stop asking yourself 'what am I doing wrong? Am I good enough to build the life I truly want?' It's time to create your Legacy Game Plan.

In This Exclusive Live Masterclass I'll Show You:

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The key characteristics of successful, high performing women

And how they approach the creation of their legacy with purpose and on their own terms.

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How High Performing Women take ownership of their lives

And unpack who you feel obligated to be so you can shape the life you have worked so hard to achieve.

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The role of martyr complex

And the steps for high-perfoming women to rise above social and personal expectations to Soar to Excellence™.

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An action plan to map your legacy

Based on the proven success formulas I've created to take high-performing women from being overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid to living their best lives.

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Meet Dr. Toni

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Toni A. Haley, MD is a bestselling author, speaker and certified executive coach for high performing women. She is also the founder and CEO of Soar to Excellence™ Coaching.

Dr. Toni is sought after by clients for her 25 years of experience in finance, healthcare and wellness. Her proven strategies have helped hundreds of women break through personal and professional barriers, such as Perfectionism, Martyr Complex, and Imposter Syndrome.

In 2018, Dr. Toni released her best-selling book titled, “Reprogram Your Mindset: 100 Winning Quotes and Affirmations for High Performers.” It’s her personal playbook to help you prioritize your health, increase your confidence and overcome setbacks. As the creator of her signature coaching programs Elite 1:1 Mindset Mastery and Soar to Excellence™, she guides you through her validated systems to achieve fulfillment beyond success.

As a TEDx speaker, on YouTube or in live presentations, Dr. Toni’s high energy and charisma inspire others to take action. Through grit and resilience, she successfully pivoted from career burnout to physician and nationally recognized coach. She is a passionate advocate for women and community volunteer for several organizations, including Girls On the Run International.

Dr. Haley has committed her life’s work to empowering others to achieve greater prosperity and fulfillment beyond success.

"With equal parts humor, sass, and tough-love, Dr. Toni provides an incisive how-to guide for high achievers to define success on their own terms and turn their wildest dreams into reality. "

– Jessica Blaire Cann

Build your Legacy Game Plan with Dr Toni MD™

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Stop sacrificing your sanity, relationships and health and soar to excellence™ with this exclusive, LIVE masterclass.


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“Working with Dr. Toni has been a wonderful experience! Through coaching, she has given me invaluable guidance and tools to assist with my career. As a coach, she has expertise regarding helping others set specific goals, clarify purpose and prioritize tasks with the ultimate goal of success!”

Dr. Breyanna G.

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“Dr. Toni’s coaching has been invaluable…With her help, I’ve found the courage to make changes that I never thought were possible. I highly recommend Dr. Toni. She loves what she does and her passion is readily evident. I finally feel Joy!”

Dr. Tedra G.

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“Dr. Toni is amazing and I have wasted no time in telling my professional colleagues about her, her services, and how she has impacted my life. In my professional opinion, everyone needs and can benefit from having a Dr. Toni in their life!”

Dr. Lauren P.

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“Dr. Toni did many things superbly! She helped me through a time where I was particularly low…She made me feel as if my success was her Success! Ultimately, she was vital to my progress forward and I will be forever grateful!”

Dr. Angela B.

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