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Posts by Dr. Toni MD

Calm in Chaos Checklist

Are you feeling stuck? Are you stuck in your career, discontent with your relationships, and overwhelmed, disorganized, or underappreciated? If you’re caught in a chaotic life, it’s time to empower yourself through change. The Calm in Chaos Checklist from Dr. Toni™ aims to do just that. Use this checklist to find calm in the storm,…

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The Ugly Truth About Equal Pay

Equal Pay Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated in countries around the world to recognize the accomplishments of women, while also acknowledging the areas in which women still struggle. For all the milestones in gender equality that have occurred in the last century, complete equality is still just within reach. During…

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So You Want to Relocate?

What to Consider Before Relocating for a Job Many of you high achievers want to continue to grow and feel challenged. While you may be performing perfectly well in your current position in the city you’ve always known, you may dream of more. Thus, you start sending out applications for jobs in “dream cities” and…

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